A big THANK YOU to all the helpers of the EC 2022 in alphabetical order:

Wolfgang Aust-Berger – The WorkShoppers
Wendy Barrett – Vienna Swingers
Thomas Blaschke – The WorkShoppers
Manfred Duscher – Corvinus Dancers
Vanessa Feichtenberger – Vienna Swingers
Ulrike Fenz – Vienna Swingers
Hermine Janker – The WorkShoppers
Johann Kafka – The WorkShoppers
Cornelia Klingen – Vienna Swingers
Alfred Niederkofler – Salt Castle Diamonds
Lisa – The WorkShoppers
Hanna – The WorkShoppers
Jiri Scobak – Karolina
Manuela Slaby – The WorkShoppers
Doris Steininger – Vienna Swingers
Wolfgang Steininger – Vienna Swingers
Eva Suchanek – The WorkShoppers
Monika Sykorova – Karolina
Zuzana Vilagiova – Karolina
Angela Wieder – Vienna Swingers
Tom Zathurecky – Karolina

…. and of course everyone who doesn´t want to be published here.