Vienna Calling 2022 Online Registration

Hello, here you can register yourself for Vienna Calling 2022, just fill in the form below. After registering, later on you will have the possibility to log in again to check your bookings and on the other hand to book other items, if they are still available.

It is also possible to register more people at once. This way a group of attendees can pay in just one payment, thus save on bank transfer fees.

This registration form covers the most probable registration scenarios. If there is anything special in your registration request, either attach a note to the registration (there is a field for this at the end of the registration process), or consult with us in advance at

We are looking forward to welcome you at Vienna Calling 2022.

Consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 a) GDPR

In accordance with the GDPR regulations, we require a declaration of consent for the processing of the personal data entered by you, which you provide to us at the end of the registration. If you enter personal data from other persons for the purpose of their registration, you must have asked for and received their consent in advance. Note: The consent is given on a voluntary basis. However, it is necessary in order to carry out a proper registration and the registration cannot be taken into account without it. For more information, especially about the rights of the data subject, see on our website at „Data Protection“.

In addition to this each person has a right to object, i.e. each declaration of consent can always be withdrawn at a later point in time. In this case the registration will automatically be cancelled.

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Vienna Calling will be organised based on the Austrian law and policies, which will be valid during the event (participation at own risk).

Possible transfer fees are for the account of the principal. There are no transfer fees for money transfers to Austria from other SEPA-countries. Exceptions are for Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino, Andorra, United Kingdom and Gibraltar. For dancers with money transfers from accounts in these six countries there is a fixed transfer fee in Austria of about 9 Euro.

For all Non-SEPA-countries there is as well a transfer-fee to be paid in Austria, the amount depends on the banks involved. Please catch up on this at your bank and make sure to take these costs. In case we are charged with transfer fees for your money transfer, we will ask you to pay them at the registration-desk in Vienna before collecting your dangle.

We recommend to combine as many dancers from your club or location in one registration-form as possible, so that there are less transfer-fees.

If you cancel your registration later on, you have to pay a service fee of 5 Euro. If Vienna Calling is cancelled by the organizer, you don't have to pay a service fee.