At the end of the 70’s in the last century, Austria arrived in the world of Square Dance and then in the beginning of the 90’s also the world of Round Dance.  A few decades later we already have a two digit number of clubs in the whole of Austria and there are notably very many enthusiastic dancers in both branches.  

For them and the whole dancing world in the rest of Europe and further afield awaits the biggest ever Square and Round Dance Event on Austrian soil .  The trust in implementation of the European Convention 2022, under patronage of the roof organisation of “European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V” is the task of the organisation team, preparing and organising the event carefully and conscientiously.

The motivation for us is the anticipation of all the dancers from near and far to whom we wish to offer 4 carefree and exhilarating dancing days inclusive of a “trail-end-dance”.  In addition there will also be something more on offer.

Vienna has once again been voted the most liveable city in the world.  Many historical buildings and sights  are to be found here and even in the inner city and also in the suburbs you will find a lot of green areas for mental relaxation, especially in summertime.  A vacation before or after the European Convention is not only to be recommended, but is actually a must.

Innumerable fascinating destinations in Austria are also to discovered outside the main capital.  In addition, many Austrian Square Dance Clubs are looking forward to visits in the days before or after the European Convention, offering their hospitality, dancing pleasure and the desirable Club-Dangles!

Founded in the autumn of 2014, The Workshoppers are still relatively new in the Square and Round Dance scene.  We as the organising club are preparing the European Convention 2022, with elan and enthusiasm and we count on the strong support of dancers from other Austrian clubs.  Also our friends in nearby Bratislava, Slovakia are valuable to us in their support.  Many thanks to all supporters from whichever club you belong to.

United we are looking forward to the European Convention in Vienna, together with participants from many countries we will celebrate this large dance event from 7 to 10 July 2022.

Thomas Blaschke

The WorkShoppers – President / European Convention 2022 – Head of the Organisation-Team